After years of seeing frustrated patients with mediocre results, Dr. Dorninger revolutionized his practice of medicine by shifting away from “band-aid” treatments, whether natural or conventional, that cover up symptoms. Instead he created a practice that focuses on a thorough initial intake and lab evaluation in order to formulate a sincere diagnosis of the deeper, underlying causes.

“Dr. Dorninger has been like the Sherlock Holmes of doctors to us. His thoroughness, intelligence, and passion solved the case of our daughter’s mysterious health issues. He dug deep to find out why our daughter’s gut issues and autonomic system were not working properly and found many underlying issues that were able to be corrected with diet and supplements. She is now on track to finish her high school years healthy and able to enjoy being a normal teenager again.”

– D.L. and L.L. Bend, OR

“Because of Dr. Dorninger I can now live fully, every present moment and I get to enjoy my family and grandkids. No one is guaranteed tomorrow, but I know how good I feel today and it is because of Dr. Eric Doringer, his incredible staff, the strength and love of my family and finally hope, faith and knowing I hit it on the mark this time with Dr. Doringer and I am forever grateful.”

– T.D. Colorado Springs, CO

“What can I say about this wonderful place, Roots and Branches. I was in a very bad place when I was referred to Dr. D by my physical therapist. I have many physical ailments, but my worst at that time, was my stomach. I would blow up like a balloon every time I ate anything. It was horrible. I had hit the bottom of the barrel and my first conversation with Dr. D was a glimmer of hope I hadn’t had in awhile.” 

– J.W. Brighton, CO


Dr. Dorninger believes too many doctors give recommendations before understanding why the symptoms are happening. He obtains a thorough understanding of each patient’s individual biochemistry through an extensive lab evaluation. Each test is meant to evaluate a specific physiological function. When essential physiological functions are corrupt, symptoms and disease have the opportunity to grow. If you formulate care plans that address these individual physiological dysfunctions, disease can not take root.

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