Integrative Health Resources

The purpose of our resources page is to provide knowledge and materials for empowering the healing process. At Roots and Branches we are clear that we can not heal or cure, but teach patients how to heal themselves. This is accomplished with a thorough diagnosis, as the cause of “illness” is usually multifactorial. As Dr. Dorninger is known to say “it is many straws that break the camel’s back”.

This multifactorial approach to the causes of illness is known in Naturopathic Medicine as “Total Load”. “Total Load” is a conglomeration of life circumstances, genetic predisposition, diet, lifestyle, environment, infection, etc. that tips the body and mind into physiological disturbance. Identifying these underlying disturbances or causes is essential for healing to occur. Once identified, the individual we are working with usually needs support on understanding and owning why the disease process is occurring. This could be inflammatory foods, a water damaged building, emotional health effects on immune system, overcoming nutrient deficiencies, biomechanical causes of pain syndromes, etc.

Hence, in the tradition of Docere (the Latin root of Doctor that means “to teach”), our resources page is meant to educate our patient population and the public on common obstacles to healing and ways we can endorse and promote health and wellness in our human community.

Dorninger on Dorninger

Eric Dorninger, Naturopath is referred to as “The Last Resort Doctor”. Listen to Dr. D explain how he got got this reputation. These 9 minutes will put a smile on your face.

Is Your Building Making You Sick?

Not feeling well? Haven’t been feeling well for a while? Can’t seem to get better no matter what you do? Maybe your building is making you sick. Join Lindsay and Dr. Eric Dorninger for this enlightening discussion about the things that may be lurking where you least expect it.

Sleep Apnea Podcast

Sleep Apnea has been called “one of the most insidious and vicious physiological experiences” occurring today. It is a Silent Killer. Snoring is not necessarily an indicator. Not snoring does not mean you are free of the disease. Join Dr. Bill Blanchet, internal medicine physician and Dr. Eric Dorninger, naturopathic physician as they discuss this often missed diagnosis.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Podcast

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is becoming more and more prevalent in the U.S. and its symptoms can be as various and diversified as the people who have it. The common thyroid testing being done doesn’t come close to telling if you are suffering from this often missed disease. Get the facts. Find out if your mystery illness could be “Hashies.”

The Inside Story Inside Your Brain Podcast

Join Lindsay and Naturopath, Dr. Eric Dorninger as he takes us through the chemical forces that fuel our brains. Any interruption in any of these will reverberate through us and manifest in all kinds of symptoms. Something simple like snoring might be causing your brain to be deprived of oxygen causing a host of issues, and something as fun as a Didgeridoo might be your answer. Find out what your brain needs to function at its peak so we can stay at our peaks.

Lose The Weight You Hate

Having trouble with the weight loss thing? Could be that you have been led astray by current eating trends. Listen to Dr. Dorninger, fondly known as the “Last Resort Doctor”, help set the record straight on how to really lose that weight.

The Fungus Among Us Podcast

Suffering from some strange malady that no one can seem to help you with? It just might might be caused by a bio toxin lurking somewhere in your environment. Join Dr. Dorninger, Naturopath, as he discusses these lurking villains, what effects they can have on us, and what we can do to win the fight against them.

Your Brain on Grain Podcast

Naturopath, Dr. Eric Dorninger returns to discuss what our modern day processed foods are really doing to our bodies. Dr. Dorninger gives a practical review of the latest science behind gluten and its deleterious effects on the brain and heart. He also discusses why gluten is such a problem for some people and less of a concern for others. Additionally, he will provide common sense ideas for preventing and addressing brain and heart disease. Hear what some of his patients have experienced by going on a “Wheat Free Vacation!”

Inflammation – The Root of All Disease Podcast

Dr. Eric Dorninger is a Naturopath who specializes in chronic disease states. As he says, he gets patients after they have already seen every other doctor around. Why is he so successful with his patients? Because Dr. Dorninger treats the cause of disease. He doesn’t just put a bandaid on it. And what is the cause of all diseases? Inflammation, and it is lurking everywhere. Join Lindsay and her guest Dr. Eric Dorninger and listen to this fascinating discussion which will change your thoughts on disease.