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Dr. Dorninger has been like the Sherlock Holmes of doctors to us.  His thoroughness, intelligence, and passion solved the case of our daughter’s mysterious health issues.  Our daughter became ill with a chronic illness called POTS her Freshman year of high school.  She saw six doctors here in Oregon throughout that year and no one could get to the bottom of why she became so sick or offer much help beyond living on medications and IV fluids. We found Dr. Dorninger and he has been a God send to several of our family members. Our whole family is now enjoying a tremendous improvement in our health and energy.  Best of all he has helped our daughter!  He dug deep to find out why our daughter’s gut issues and autonomic system were not working properly and found many underlying issues that were able to be corrected with diet and supplements.  She is now on track to finish her high school years healthy and able to enjoy being a normal teenager again. — D.L. and L.L. Bend, OR

I was tossed around by the medical community for years, each playing their own role in trying to figure out within their limitations and boundaries what was wrong with me.  I had to stop working in October 2012 when my brain shut down, staying away was no longer an option, pain intensified and the ulcerative colitis flares pick up to where I was always in the bathroom. At 48, I had to move across the country so family could take care of me.  I could no longer drive.  My cognitive functions of talking, walking and even forming a sentence worsened.  Every day it seemed like a new symptom was popping up. After years of trying to find someone who would put together all my symptoms, hear me, want to help me and come up with a life game plan, one step at a time, on the journey, on my marathon, I finally have hope.  The medical society which included 2 of the best hospitals in the country had me on a 7 year plan that included removing part of my colon, staying on harmful drugs with a life expectancy close to 3 years.  Because of Dr. Dorninger I can now live fully, every present moment and I get to enjoy my family and grandkids.  No one is guaranteed tomorrow, but I know how good I feel today and it is because of Dr. Eric Doringer, his incredible staff, the strength and love of my family and finally hope, faith and knowing I hit it on the mark this time with Dr. Doringer and I am forever grateful.” — T.D. Colorado Springs, CO

What can I say about this wonderful place, Roots and Branches. I was in a very bad place when I was referred to Dr. D by my physical therapist. I have many physical ailments, but my worst at that time, was my stomach. I would blow up like a balloon every time I ate anything. It was horrible. I had hit the bottom of the barrel and my first conversation with Dr. D was a glimmer of hope I hadn’t had in awhile. I couldn’t get an appointment soon enough in my mind and once I started the tests and the process was rolling, I had finally found someone I thought could possibly help me. I was right, Dr. D found out all kinds of things that my body needed and didn’t need, and the life change was on! With a diagnosis of a raging candida infection, I did the 21 day cleanse and it changed my life. I have learned all kinds of things about food and how food works and how food can be good and bad for you. Erin Livers was tremendous help on the nutrition side of things and continued to offer assistance and advice through the process. The office staff is second to none and always remember my name when I walk in the door or call on the phone. I continue to see Dr. D and push forward toward a new healthier life. I truly believe the whole team at Roots and Branches are a perfect blend and are dedicated to helping people identify and solve their health issues the natural and healthy way! They helped me change my life and I can’t thank them enough!!–J.W. Brighton, CO

Your Kindness in working with us around our child’s health has been such a blessing, for which we are ever grateful! It’s amazing how gifted you are in your work. She is truly back to 100%! It is hard to say where things would have gone had she remained undiagnosed and untreated. Your guidance has given her back her life and given us our “sparky” daughter. Many, many thanks to you! – E.K.Z. Boulder, CO

I have suffered for 50 years and have seen 50+ doctors over my lifetime to no avail. I have seen general practitioners, specialists (in many fields) allergists, dermatologists, homeopathic doctors, surgeons and every other type of health care representative you can think of. When I was 43 I ended up in the emergency room several times with severe abdominal pain that no specialist could diagnose. I couldn’t make it throughout the day without a 2-4 hour power nap and had no energy to complete my massive workload.  For my 50th birthday I decided I would give myself good health because I couldn’t imagine spending another 50 years on this earth (okay 30 to 40) living in pain. I went to my health care provider and they did a “Full Work-Up” only to tell me that nothing was wrong with me and I was in normal limits in every area so “take these drugs so your back pain doesn’t keep you up at night and you can finally get a good night’s sleep”. I almost gave up but then I heard about Dr. Dorninger.  At first I thought, here we go – another dead end, but I was still willing to give myself the gift of good health.  I called Roots and Branches office and they set up a 10 minute phone conference with Dr. Dorninger…THE SAME DAY! I’m used to waiting weeks or month’s to get a Dr. appointment and therefore was thrilled that he would speak to me so quickly. He listened to my “health saga” and I was immediately scheduled for blood-work within days. He explained that the tests my current health care provider gave me were only a fraction of what he does and that he would find the answers – but more importantly – he wouldn’t give up until he found the answer. This was music to my ears because so often when Doctor’s don’t know what it is they guess or they just give up and leave you to suffer on your own. When the tests came back and I had my “results” appointment it changed my life. It’s no longer a guessing game and ALL of my symptoms and issues have decreased and some of gone away entirely based on the information Dr. Dorninger provided me with and the meal plan that his office developed for my healing process. I’m not going to lie – it wasn’t easy. Finding foods that I could eat was extremely difficult at first, but I stuck with it and the results started to happen very quickly. I am only three months into my healing process, but already my life has been enhanced beyond because I have the answers and it is not a guessing game anymore. My greatest wish is that I had these answers before I was half of a hundred years old, but now that I do have the answers to my personal health and well being, I know my future is very bright and I WILL achieve my goals because I found the right person to guide me along the way. My second greatest wish is that everyone who has been struggling with health issues, and not finding the answers, will find their way to Dr. Dorninger’s office and his incredible support team. If you do find your way to his healing expertise, you will see results if you follow his advice and information. I’m done with pain and am living with renewed energy and happiness! – L.P. Erie, CO

I have been to countless doctors and spent countless dollars. This was the most comprehensive evaluation to get to the bottom of all the inflammation. I am looking forward to the final mile in this marathon of healing. Words can’t express how thankful I am! -L.W. Littleton, CO

“As a 63 year-old female experiencing the usual menopause and post-menopause, I went to my family doctor for my regular checkup and to discuss these symptoms. The doctor ordered the usual blood tests which included testing for thyroid levels and Addison’s disease (adrenals). Not unexpectedly, my thyroid levels indicated moderate hypothyroidism; the doctor prescribed Levothyroxine (50 mcg), a synthetic pharmaceutical used to treat hypothyroidism.

Right away, I started experiencing rapid and irregular heartbeat, excessive sweating, nausea, trembling, panic symptoms. I called the doctor’s office and relayed my symptoms and concerns. She said she wasn’t familiar with these reactions and offered no remedy or course of action. I made the decision to gradually stop taking the medication. However, within several months, I returned to the doctor with worsening symptoms: fatigue, fogginess, feeling tired, weak, more than usual hair loss, constipation, abdominal weight gain, nausea. Again, I was prescribed Levothyroxine. Within a few months, my health deteriorated to where I was virtually bedridden. The doctor had no remedy or recommendations. Ultimately, I went to a variety of specialists: endocrinologist who prescribed Levothyroxine again, a gastroenterologist who prescribed Prilosec, a gynecologist who advised counseling because my symptoms were “all in my head”, and internist who couldn’t fully understand my symptoms. All these doctors had ordered the usual blood tests that did not show what was causing my health to deteriorate so dramatically. One by one, they all “threw in the towel” and I was virtually left on my own to figure out why I was so sick. I truly felt that I was losing my battle to stay alive, much less get my health back.

After researching my symptoms online and trying to find a medical provider who could offer effective solutions, I decided on naturopathic treatment. After specific blood, saliva, urine, stool testing, and eventual abdominal imaging, it was discovered that I suffered from very low adrenal and thyroid levels, low functioning and very toxic liver, severe malabsorption, inflamed GI tract, H-pylori, and a gallbladder full of stones. Within a few months, I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. Through additional and in-depth testing, Dr. Dorninger and Nutritionist Erin Livers also found that I suffered from gluten, dairy, egg sensitivities, and estrogen dominance. Through my comprehensive naturopathic treatment program geared to a “whole body approach” and to my individual health issues, I feel like I have been given my life back and good health! I feel better than I have in years!”  LS-Boulder, CO

“My journey has been one fraught with a lot of suffering and misunderstanding, pain and sorrow but also one full of many blessings. You are an incredible doctor,  your passion, intensity, and assertiveness all serve you well in this profession.

After hundreds of doctors who bumbled around with my case, I was very wary and disillusioned. But you listened to me, you believed I was suffering, you listened to every complaint and left no stone unturned. You fought for my health by my side. It makes me want to cry. You were exactly what I needed.

Here are a list of some of the things I most appreciate about you: your ability to really hear your patients, your capacity for empathy, your thoroughness, your tireless searching, researching, questioning and testing until an answer is reached, your tenacity, your commitment, your humor, your kindness, your ridiculously amazing breadth of knowledge, your holistic approach, your heart, which seeks above all else to release people from needless suffering and bring them back to a state of joy and health.

Those are just a few of the many things I appreciate and see in you. I pray you continue to find the time to rest and take care of yourself so that you may help hundreds more of those “hopeless” cases just like I was! Although I have more health to gain, I feel we made such incredible progress and I am so much more informed and confident now.

Thank you from the depths of my heart. Your are a gem!” – O.K. Santa Monica, CA