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At Roots and Branches Integrative Health Care we practice within the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine. Though all principles are imperative to facilitating healing and supporting wellness, the one most often missed is identifying and treating the true underlying cause, an essential step in resolving chronic disease. For that reason, our approach to medicine at Roots and Branches deviates from conventional medicine. Our approach is inquisitive, exploratory, and scientific. We are always looking to understand and solve the underlying causes of symptoms our patients are experiencing.

Nutritionists on Staff

Nutrition Is A Common Underlying Factor

We have two nutritionists and Roots and Branches Integrative Health Care because food is virtually always part of the underlying cause. Whether it’s modern, adulterated, overeaten, man-made foods or lack of bountiful real foods, there is a clear nutritional aspect to most patient symptomology. This is well evidenced through epidemiological evaluations showing people of all color and geographies having virtually no chronic disease when eating their indigenous diets (no heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, rare infertility, musculoskeletal disorders, etc.). Hence, we rely on our nutritionists to help facilitate a nourishing relationship with food as medicine. Nourishing food choices allow people to live the lives they want.

In addition to our nutritionists, we are constantly working with the established medical and healing community on all levels and feel privileged to live in a well resourced region for health care. Nevertheless, Dr. Dorninger always wants to ensure people have intact physiology and biochemistry while embarking on other aspects of their healing journey. He often tells his bachelors of psychology students, it’s ideal for people to have their low thyroid issues corrected before embarking on a counseling journey for their depression (a big part of the depression is the low thyroid). Intact biochemistry and physiology allows us to do our emotional and spiritual processing with grace, kindness and less frustration.

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Dr. Eric Dorninger

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