Uncovering Mystery Illness

The Common Denominator

After years of seeing frustrated patients with mediocre results, Dr. Dorninger revolutionized his practice of medicine by shifting away from “band-aid” treatments, whether natural or conventional, that cover up symptoms. We have created a practice that focuses on a thorough initial intake and lab evaluation in order to formulate a sincere diagnosis of the deeper, underlying causes.

Who We Are

As integrative medical practitioners we expose the root cause of illness rather than only treating symptoms. From autoimmune and neurological disorders, to gut health and more, our practitioners treat each person as a whole. Through a holistic lens we provide patients with the knowledge and support necessary to stave off sickness once and for all.

Why Clients Choose Us

We do things differently. Most of our clients have exhausted the traditional route of medicine but are left without remedy. Why choose us? Because Roots and Branches is dedicated to exposing the roots cause of your illness. Choose us because your are tired of only treating symptoms to find your sickness still exists. Our patients come from all over the U.S. to access excellence in integrative medicine at Roots and Branches.

What You Can Expect

Instead of just treating symptoms we look for the root cause. Investigating the root cause can be a lengthy but necessary process. At your first appointment you can expect a lot of exploratory health questions and honest feedback in a professional but inviting medical setting.

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