Our Approach to Health Care

Integrative Medicine That Brings Resolution

At Roots and Branches Integrative Health Care we practice within the Principles of Naturopathic Medicine. Though all principles are imperative to facilitating healing and supporting wellness, the one most often missed is identifying and treating the true underlying cause, an essential step in resolving chronic disease. For that reason, our approach to medicine at Roots and Branches deviates from conventional medicine. Our approach is inquisitive, exploratory, and scientific. We are always looking to understand and solve the underlying causes of symptoms our patients are experiencing.

Our Practice

Our practice is anchored in understanding the underlying causes of illness and coming to a full spectrum diagnosis of your health issues.

The Root Cause

Only when the underlying causes for illness are understood can we create and implement an effective game plan that has the potential for restoring your health

Reaching Diagnoses

Our desire to reach a full spectrum diagnosis is accomplished through intensive specific laboratory and imaging diagnostics, physical exam, and in-depth medical history.

The Road Ahead

When we understand WHY symptoms are occurring, versus WHAT symptoms you have, we can pave a road toward health and wellness.

Custom Care

Healing Your Body Takes Work

There are no guarantees in medicine, but at Roots and Branches, we are serious about uncovering the underlying causes of your medical issues and supporting the resolution of your illness.  “Tend to the soil and bountiful crops will grow.”

Patient Committment

It is essential for patients to participate with full commitment (time, finances, and follow-through) in the diagnostic evaluation.  Without a clear, thorough diagnosis, the patient is not likely to restore health.  If we do not understand “WHY you have WHAT you have,” our attempt at creating a plan to resolve your health issues is futile. 

We do everything in our power to keep costs affordable.  Nevertheless, our most important goal is to uncover the diagnosis.  We are dedicated to addressing your concerns.  Our practitioners and team (medical assistants, nutritionists, front desk, and phlebotomy) are fully committed, in person and behind the scenes, to facilitate and support your healing.  Please treat our clinic staff with patience and respect as we work through the healing process. 

Discussing Your Diagnoses

At Roots and Branches we focus first and foremost on the diagnosis. A diagnosis should not be a greek description of your symptoms, but instead a detailed physiological explanation of why your symptoms are occurring. Within that diagnostic explanation, the recommendations should be self-evident.

Far too many healthcare providers today give treatment recommendations before understanding why the symptoms are occurring. Our providers are always in constant pursuit of trying to understand why the symptomology is happening. We use state-of-the-art laboratory analysis straight out of the gate to evaluate each individual person we get to work with.

Effectively Communicating Recommendations

The laboratory evaluation and care plan is individualized for each patient.

If there is a protocol in our clinic, it’s to identify the underlying causes and set up care plans that resolve these underlying physiological dysfunctions.

When you evaluate what is physiologically and biochemically essential for human function, the care plan will often reveal itself. That is, identifying what that specific individual needs, the disease process will be eradicated. “Tend to the soil and bountiful crops will grow.”

First Visit (Initial Intake – approximately 2-2.5 hours):

The goal of the first visit is to understand you and your concerns.  Most of the visit will be spent gathering information.  Prior labs/imaging from other health care facilities and your paperwork (including your family history, personal timeline, environmental/occupational exposures, physical exam, and details of your current concerns), allows us to determine what laboratory diagnostics/imaging are most important.  Over the approximate 2-2.5 hours of your first visit you will interface with the practitioners (Dr. Dorninger, ND, LAc, Genevieve Lamancusa, FNP, or Dr. Bjerke, ND, LAc), as well as other members of our team

* Fees are paid in in full at the time of visit for services rendered. No sliding scale
is provided. Cash, personal checks and credit cards are accepted.

Second Visit (Report of Findings – ROF approximately 2-2.5 hours):

Perhaps the most exciting visit for the provider and the patient is the Report of Findings.  We take this visit very seriously and understand how long patients have been working on finding answers to their illness.  Although we do not always have it figured out, it is remarkable how a thorough intake, physical exam, and targeted diagnostics can show us answers on the majority of our cases.  We will use this visit to educate you on the test results.  With a full spectrum diagnosis, the game plan for restoring health is formulated in a stepwise fashion.

* Fees are paid in in full at the time of visit for services rendered. No sliding scale
is provided. Cash, personal checks and credit cards are accepted.

Follow-up Visits: (15 to 60 minutes depending on the complexity)

Time For Review & Planning

These visits are to review test results, evaluate progress/lack of progress and modify the game plan as needed.  At Roots and Branches we do not believe in co-dependency and what your quality of life restored as swiftly as possible.  Nevertheless, we understand some of our more complex patient scenarios need more regular care and we do not believe in abandonment.

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