Our Approach to Health Care

Integrative Medicine That Brings Resolution

Our practice is anchored in understanding the underlying causes of illness and coming to a full spectrum diagnosis of your health issues. Only when the underlying causes for illness are understood can we create and implement an effective game plan that has the potential for restoring your health. Our desire to reach a full spectrum diagnosis is accomplished through intensive specific laboratory and imaging diagnostics, physical exam, and in-depth medical history. When we understand WHY symptoms are occurring, versus WHAT symptoms you have, we can pave a road toward health and wellness.

Far too many healthcare providers today give treatment recommendations before understanding why the symptoms are occurring. By thoroughly evaluating what is physiologically and biochemically essential for human function, the care plan will often reveal itself.

It is essential for patients to participate with full commitment (time, finances, and follow-through) in the diagnostic evaluation. We do everything in our power to keep costs affordable. Nevertheless, our most important goal is to uncover the diagnosis.

There are no guarantees in medicine, but at Roots and Branches, we are serious about uncovering the underlying causes of your medical issues and supporting the resolution of your illness. “Tend to the soil and bountiful crops will grow.”

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